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Sourdough Bread
This is all the bread, which is leavened with a Sourdough culture. We regularly make eight different kinds. We have two cultures: a wheat Sourdough which is 13 years old and a rye culture which is also 14 years old. After mixing the bread dough and moulding them into loaves, the latter then rest in linen "couches" and are allowed to prove for a minimum of two hours before being baked. Meanwhile the cultures need feeding in order to be ready for use the next day. SEE FULL RANGE...

Yeasted Bread
This range of bread is made with manufactured yeast but our recipes use a fraction of the yeast that modern industrial produces would use. By modern standards, all our bread is long fermented, it is allowed to prove for a minimum of two hours and the 'Long Fermentation' dough ferments for up to twenty-four hours. SEE FULL RANGE...

Sweet Patisserie
Our sweet short crust pastry is only ever made with organic butter and flour. We do not ever use any other kind of fat. SEE FULL RANGE...

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