As you would imagine we are exceptionally busy making bread and all our other wonderful products. We are working hard to make sure that as many of our customers as possible have a good supply so that we support our loyal communities.  We are sorry, but we don't have any spare capacity for new customers.

The SHOP at the bakery is now CLOSED so that we can protect our production site and staff, however very local customers can order with us for collection at Chettle Shop.

The market in Salisbury is now closed on Tuesdays and Saturdays and we are not attending at Shaftesbury on Thursdays.

To make our production as efficient as possible we have temporarily delisted some of the lower volume or specialised products.

We may not be able to answer the phone as we are all working our socks off, but please leave a consise message with a contact number and we will call you back.

Try our Bread Making Courses......


I just wanted to thank you for your inspirational bread making course last Saturday.  We were so well looked after by Jamie and Helen for the whole day and I thoroughly enjoyed it all.


Your bread was very well received by family and friends and all that remains is for me to try and reproduce some of it!


Many thanks again.  D Price


Passionate about bread ...

There are very few things in life more pleasurable than great food and fresh, hand made, tasty bread is one of the best!  

We are a family business and our skilled artisan bakers use traditional techniques and the best organic ingredients to make our unique and delicious bread.

It is allowed to prove slowly through a number of stages, creating a natural and digestible product. Our ingredients are simple and we add nothing to prolong shelf life - no additives, enhancers or improvers - however our bread retains moisture well with the crisp crust of the wood-fired bread acting as a natural wrapper.

We also make fabulous cakes, tarts and seasonal treats!

Proudly Organic ...

We are committed to great food and we have a strong belief that being 100% organic is the way to go.  We believe that there are significant benefits for both health and the environment.

“Just to let you know that we think your bread is incredible, an absolute delight!

Being French, I hadn't eaten bread like this since I was young!

I'm looking forward to my next loaf from my local organic farm.

It's wonderful to find people like you making fabulous food the way it should be, all natural and healthy. Well done!.”

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